American Labrador VS English Labrador

American Labrador VS English Labrador

American Labrador Versus English Labrador

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The American Retriever or the English Retriever, it would be good to know what are the variations between the two dogs. Actually, it would be more helpful to start by asking if there’s a difference in the first place?

The Labrador Retriever is renowned for being every family’s ball of sunshine. They’ll play with the kids outside, cuddle with mom while she reads, or watch dad work in the garage. Even if you’re alone, nothing beats the love and affection of a Lab.

With such a popular breed and great fame, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Some people have noticed that not all Labradors are the same. There are the American Labradors and the English Labradors. Now before you start picking sides, is there really a difference?

Whatever they may be, all Labrador’s come from the same place and it’s not the U.S or U.K; they come from Canada.

The American Kennel Club has called the breed the Labrador Retriever. The males can grow as tall as 24.5 inches while the females go up to 23.5 inches. Males would weigh around eighty pounds while the females go up to seventy. They’re medium-sized and many people would say that they’re the perfect balance between small and cute to large and cool.

Labs are known to have lots of energy. They just love going out to parks for a game of fetch. If you have kids in the house, your Lab can keep up with all the crazy antics they come up with.

The most famous trait of any Labrador is its temperament. They’re known to be one of the friendliest dogs in the world. The breed standard says that the ideal temperament would be kind, gentle, eager to please, and nonaggressive. It also says that they’re intelligent and adaptable; overall the ideal dog.

English Labs are generally stockier. They have blockier bodies with thick legs, neck, coat, and shorter body length. American Labs are the opposite. They have a lean body, longer legs, narrower skull, longer muzzle, and a thinner coat.

If you’re a first-time dog owner it might be better to get an English Labrador. They’re not as wild and rowdy as their American cousins. Perfect for dog-shows, English Labs easily understand commands and are generally considered to be more mellow than any other Labrador.

Whether they’re English or American, all Labs are friendly and outgoing. The breed standard says that if the Lab isn’t friendly to people, you might as well not call it a Labrador.

Whatever you choose the same rules for taking care of a Lab applied. Always give them a bath at least once a month. All Labradors have a tendency to shed their fur, so be ready to start cleaning your house when it’s shedding season.

Labs also do not have any particular diseases that are special to them. Some Labs might have a condition called exercise-induced collapse (EIC). If you have either an English Lab or an American Lab, just be happy in knowing that you have one of the most loyal and loving dog breeds in the whole world.


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