Introducing Suzy Puppy – P.U.P.S.

The puppy trade is rife with unscrupulous breeders and dealers breeding and selling puppies solely for profit, with little or no consideration for their health or needs. Consequently, puppies from these low welfare breeders and puppy farms often suffer from serious illness and all too commonly even an early death. As part of our new P.U.P.S. campaign we’ve made a unique and thought provoking short video in the style of a kitsch children’s toy commercial about the hidden horrors of the puppy trade. We hope that people who want to buy a puppy will use the P.U.P.S. checklist so they don’t accidentally prop up the cruel trade. We firmly believe that when public demand for cheaply produced puppies reduces so will the suffering.

Although the film contains no puppy footage, some viewers may find the content shocking or upsetting, because sadly the puppy trade is just that.
Video Rating: / 5