Pomeranian Dog Giving Birth to 3 Puppies.


Pomeranian Dog Giving Birth to 3 Puppies.

Hello, This Video for dog giving birth. I recorded a video of a puppy giving birth. 🙂
The most common symptoms of giving birth to a dog are to scratch the body temperature and floor that we’ve raised before.
All dogs have different pre-natal symptoms, so you can focus on the most common.
To prepare for the birth of the dog, we prepared a living room, alcohol-poisoning medicine, umbilical scissors, thread, and powdered milk. And I’ve written down a lot of other things, but I’ve written down what’ve written down what I need most.

I thought a lot while filming a video clip about giving birth to a dog.
We’ve been having labor pains together. The reason I got involved a lot was because I was scratching the floor, and when I came out to get out of my way… So we went through the childbirth process from beginning to end.
The first delivery took place within two hours of the dog’s labor. The hardest part was when the placenta didn’t come out, the baby just came out, and the time went on. So I cut the umbilical cord first, cleaned my body, and sent it to my mother’s arms.

After childbirth, management quickly recovers if calcium is fed well, and food was mainly powdered milk and pollack seaweed soup.(You can feed me a little bit of seaweed, just a little bit.)

When I cut the umbilical cord, the placenta didn’t come out, and the baby just came out and clasped his hands.

And I thought a lot about whether to wear gloves or not. But I chose to wash my hands several times before giving birth and to continue to disinfect my hands with alcohol during the birth process.
I’ve never tried on gloves before, and I’ve chosen to sterilize them and help give birth because it’s a little slippery.
During childbirth, alcohol disinfection was continued, and mothers and puppies are healthy.
Thanks for watching.♥

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