Turmoil + Soul Split Guide (Curses Prayers) Pures/Zerkers/Mains | By Bonbloc

Turmoil / Soulsplit / Curses guide for everyone!

Hey everyone, a lot of people have been asking if i could combine all the requirements + rewards of all quests, and what other things to keep in mind while making a zerker! well here it is =)

Note: You can’t achieve turm if you dont want your defence to be over 29!

Quest Requirements

Temple at Senntisten:
Desert Treasure
Devious Minds
The Curse of arrav

Desert Treasure
– The Dig Site
»» Druidic Ritual
– The Tourist Trap
– Temple of Ikov
– Priest in Peril
– Troll Stronghold
»» Death Plateau
– Waterfall Quest

Devious Minds –
— Wanted!
»»» 33 Quest Points
»»» Recruitment Drive
+++++++ Black Knights’ Fortress
+++++++ Druidic Ritual
»»» Rune Mysteries
»»» Priest in Peril
— Doric’s Quest
— Troll Stronghold
»»» Death Plateau
— Abyss miniquest

The Curse of Arrav

–Defender of Varrock
»»» Shield of Arrav
»»» The Knight’s Sword
»»» Demon Slayer
»»» Family Crest
»»»What Lies Below
++++++ Rune Mysteries
»»» Garden of Tranquillity
++++++ Creature of Fenkenstrain
~~~~~~~~~~~Priest in Peril
~~~~~~~~~~~The Restless Ghost
— Shades of Mort’ton
— Troll Romance
»»» Troll Stronghold
++++++Death Plateau
— The Tale of the Muspah
— Missing My Mummy
»»» Prince Ali Rescue
»»» The Golem
»»» Icthlarin’s Little Helper
+++++ Gertrude’s Cat
»»» 125 Kudos

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